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E.R.T. LiPO Tutorial

12 Nov, 2016

E.R.T. LiPO Tutorial

        E.R.T.'s Lipo Tutorial for Commutting, Racing, and Performance Riding

For those looking for a alternative to 18650 lithium ion batteries, RC LIPOs batteries are a great alternative as they are cheaper, lighter, and usually have a higher discharge rating. In addition RC LIPOs can be assembled, charged, and be ready to run usually much quicker and easier than other battery packs.
Why LiPOs?

LiPO is the battery of choice for racing and high performance applications. The reasons to use LiPO (Lithium Polymer) is that they are cheap, powerful, light, and quick to recharge. I personally have been using Lithium Polymer batteries for the last 3 years and haven't had any issues with them provided you are careful with the charging process and be adamant about protecting the batteries from punctures during riding.

Where to buy LiPO Batteries

A good place to buy lipos are from as they are inexpensive and
And the batteries to get are the Multistar Multirotor batteries. The batteries that are the best bang for the buck are the 4S (4 cell) 10000mah or 16000mah batteries with the latter being slightly larger and heavier but higher capacity and discharge rates.

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The LiPO chargers that I recommend are definitely among the best. I recommend either the iCharger 308B Duo or iCharger 406B Duo chargers, they can charge batteries extremely fast, 50A for the 308B and 70A for the 406B. They are both dual channel chargers so you can two separate packs at the same time, this is useful if you have multiple bikes and want to save time while charging.

Getting Started
Things you will need.

Multistar lithium polymer battery packs
Icharger 308b duo or 406b duo
1 x 6 4S Parallel Charge Balancing harness
Power supply from Lipoconnectionsolutions (I would recommend the 1500W power supply)

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