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ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Programming

24 Oct, 2016

ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Programming

ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Programming
 First you will need to install the software, which is XPD. Open source programming software. 
 1.  Download and install the Python Installers as the Programming software uses the Python programming language then Install in this order


  • Python-2.7.12.msi
  • Pyserial-2.7.win32.exe
  • Pygtk-all-in-one-2.2..y2.7.msi

    Python Installers Download (Win)

  • 2. Programming Cable Driver

    XPD Programming Software Download

    ERT Programming Profiles

    Download and install Programming Cable Driver
    Download ERT Programming Profiles, extra XPD folder to My Documents folder.
    Extract and open
    This is what you would see when you first fire open the software
    For the BBSHD Sinewave controller we would be using the "ERT 12FET Sinewave" Profile
    Go ahead and click "Edit"
    3. Programming the Controller
    Here are some basic parameters and their descriptions.
    • Controller Type: KH612 
      Let this setting as it is

    • Current / Voltage Design
    • Battery Current Limit
      Battery Current is the maximum amps the controller will pull from battery. 40A is the safe limit for the BBSHD, although the controller can tolerate up to 50A. Use at your own risk, more amps will increase acceleration and torque but will heat up the motor and stress the battery more.
      Recommend 40-50A, if you are running a smaller front chainring you can run a higher Battery current limit.

    • Phase Current Limit
      Phase current is the current that goes into the motor. Can be safely run up to 100A, higher amps will yield more torque and acceleration, but increase heat to the motor. Lower amps will allow for smoother power at lower speeds, but less torque.
      Recommended 65-90A

    • Enable Softstart
      This delays the throttle ramping so you can smoother acceleration from a stop.

    • Soft Start Time
      This determines the soft start delay. Recommend setting this to 1.

    • Battery Low Voltage
      This determines the low voltage cut off, to protect your battery from being discharged too low. This depends on your battery. 
      If you are running 48V then set this to 42V.
      If you are running 52V then set this to 46V
      If you are running 72V then set this to 68V
      *This is optional, if your battery has a BMS then this is not 100% necessary*

    • Speed Switch Mode 
      This determines how the speed switch mode works, either switch or button
    • Speed Limit
      100% is max speed however you can increase this to 130% for even higher speeds at the expense of efficiency. 
    • Current Limit
      Similar to the Speed Limit, this applies to the current. Can be increased to 120% for even higher currents.

    • Enable EBS
      EBS is Regen braking, this does not apply to the BBSHD as this motor cannot regen
    • Flux weakening 
      Flux weakening increases top speed and motor RPM at the expense of efficiency
    • Flux weakening level
      Default is 35 but can be increased to 50 for higher top speed

      4. Programming the Controller
    • Once you are satisfied with the results click the "Apply" button.

    • You will be return to the main menu

    • Now make sure your battery is unplugged from the controller
    • Plug the programming cable into your controller and also the other end into your USB port on your computer
    • There should be a number in the Serial Port field
    • When you are ready to program click "Apply"
    • You should see a progress bar, it should only take a few seconds to program
    • Now, unplug the programming cable and you are ready to ride!


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