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QS Motor Tech Information

24 Oct, 2016

QS Motor Tech Information

QS Hub Motor Tech Info

   QS motors are one of the most powerful hub motors available today, I have extensively tested and raced these motors and boy are they powerful. Whether tearing up the dirt trails, blasting down the street, or ripping up the track. This motor can take it, and does its job willingly.


 QS Motors are produced in Quanshun, or Taizhou China and the build quality is very high. The latest QS motors are the successors to the legendary Cromotor which was the previously the king of Hub motor performance. Now, there is a new king on the throne. 


The QS Motor is a relatively heavy hub motor, weighing in at about 29lbs before the rim is added. This leads to unsprung weight in the rear wheel, which is fine for street riding but handling suffers especially during track or trail riding. You can negate this somewhat by using a long travel rear shock and lacing the motor to a smaller diameter moped rim and moped tire. This will improve traction and durability as the heavy motor will overwhelm bicycle tires and prone to flats. 

      Technical Specs

  • 205 Magnet Height
  • 50mm Magnet Width
  • Aluminum Stator
  • 0.35mm Laminations
  • Brushless Hall Sensored
  • DC Motor
  • 150mm Shoulder Dropout Width
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Dual Hall Sensor Sets
  • 10AWG Phase Wires

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