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Sabvoton 72V Controller Tech Info

24 Oct, 2016

Sabvoton 72V Controller Tech Info

                                      Sabvoton 72V150A Controller Tech Info
  • Supports up to 95V maximum
  • 24 x IRF4110 Mosfets with massive heat sinking for high current
  • High quality construction with aluminum casing and cooling fins
  • Variable Regen braking you can use a separate thumb throttle to modulate regen
  • 150A maximum battery amps and 350A maximum phase amps. 450A Peak Phase Current
  • Fully Unlocked from the factory for up to 200A maximum battery amps.
  • Race track tested
  • Virtually Silent
  • Field Weakening allows higher motor RPM's compared to inferior square wave controllers
  • Smooth acceleration and throttle application
  • LED's lights on the controller gives fault codes if an error is detected for easy troubleshooting or you can connect it the controller to the computer for real-time diagnostics and read outs
  • Controller has built in temperature and over current protection
  • Auto-hall angle detection no more spending hours figuring out the hall combo
  • and reverse feature + 3-speed adjustable power modes
  • Includes Programming Cable
  • Excellent controller for high performance electric bike performance
  • Can also be used in scooter, gokart and other electric vehicles
  • Controller Weight: 4.6LBS
  • Controller Dimension: 145x16x50mm

                                              Pure Sinewave

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