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Electric Race Technologies
Specializes in fast, power, high performance electric race bikes and vehicles. With a past history in Motorsport racing and development, Electric Race Technologies is the premier source to turn your dream high performance electric vehicle into a reality. 
E.R.T. Tuned Sur-Ron Monster 7.5KW
This Sur Ron started life as a stock Sur Ron with a 60V stock battery an 4500W power. The controller was swapped out with a ASI controller and a 74V lipo pack. The result was a much quicker bike, top speed increased rom 47mph to over 60mph, and regen braking was implemented.
E.R.T. Dual Drive Racer 32KW 
Perhaps the pinnacle of E.R.T. showcase in performance and technology, is Electric Race Technologies Dual Drive System. This system uses dual hub motors running together along with two advanced FOC controllers. 
The result is smooth throttle response and smooth powerful regen braking even when using a single throttle to control both motors. Top speed is well within 100mph, and acceleration is powerful and immediate. This bike is powered by 74V 32AH lithium polymer batteries which can output 430A. This translates into 32KW or 42 Horsepower from a bike that weighs 130lbs. 
The bike is equipped with moto tires 100/80/17 in the rear and 100/80/16 in the front. Very stable in all conditions, the front end maintains straightline stability due to the front motor's gyroscopic effect by pulling the bike forward while the rear motor pushes it. 
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